Obfuscate python scripts

Required. Absolute path of entry script. Type full path __init__.py for Package

All the .py files in this path will be obfuscated

Optional. The default output path is dist within PyArmor package

Generate new license for obfuscated scripts

While obfuscating scripts the default license file license.lic has been generated. Here it's only for generating new license

Required. Must be identify string, no space

Optional. Expire obfuscated scripts on the date YYYY-MM-NN

Optional. Bind obfuscated scripts to fixed harddisk

Optional. Bind obfuscated scripts to mac address

Pack obfuscated scripts

If PyInstaller is not installed, run pip install pyinstaller first

Required. Absolute path of entry script

Optional. The default is dist in the path of Entry Script

View action logs

Run command pyarmor-webui to start PyArmor webui. It doesn't work to open this page in the web browser directly

A light-weight webserver is lanuched in background to serve any request from webui, all the output of each action will be print in the console window of this webserver

PyArmor webui includes basic functions only, for advanced usage, use command pyarmor instead